Monday, October 16, 2006

So I spent 4 wonderful days in New York City. Josh and I took a red-eye out Wednesday night and landed in Newark at around 6:30 am Thursday morning. We stayed at the Howard Johnson's in North Bergen, NJ. Oh yeah, we like to live large. We were dead tired when we got there and had to walk up this Hill of Death every time we needed to get to our room. So, anyway, we took a short nap, got freshened up and headed out to the city. I had been there once before, but this was Josh's first visit. Day one, we hit times square and central park. Then we went to see "Spamalot" which was so freaking funny! If you're in New York, u must see it.
I guess thursday was a Jewish holiday and all these Jewish guys were coming up to Josh asking him if he was Jewish. It must have happened every 5 minutes. He doesn't know why everyone thinks he's Jewish and I can't figure it out either. Ah well. It was quite comical. At one point, it was getting annoying and when another guy ask Josh if he was Jewish, I was like, "Um, What about me? Why aren't you asking me that question?" The guy didn't say anything. He just walked away. But I really wanted to know why they were asking him and not me.

And that night, I actually got to meet Jenny Lewis again. I was pretty excited. It was so cool. It's kind of a long story, but SHE basically came up to ME and was like, "hey! I remember you." and she thanked me for the letter i gave her and said it was really encouraging. And i was like "yeah, sorry i acted like such a nerd." And she said, "oh please, you were the farthest thing from a nerd. Don't even think that." And we talked for a while in this bar near the venue she was playing at. (they had my two favorite beers there! and i was way drunk by the end of the night due to lack of sleep and food) It's my new favorite bar. She had just come from performing at her thursday night show and she signed my ticket for the Friday show I was seeing. This whole experience made the trip totally worth it.

The next day we went to soho, little italy, empire state building and we went ice skating at rockafeller center, which is something i always wanted to do. Then we went to Jenny's concert. It was soooo so amazing. I was blown away.
Then josh and i went drinking at the bar again.
The next day, we met up w/my dear friends trisha and mckenna, who allowed me to act silly w/ them. We bought silly hats at the 42nd street farmeers market and were complimented many times on the hats. And we turned simple subway trips into episodes of fame where we would randomly bust out in song...and occasionally dance. We went to wall street, ground zero, and the metripolitan museum of art. Then we just crashed at the hotel room. The next day, we flew back home. It was an awesome trip. So much fun!


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Silly hats? Why I have no idea what you're referring to! :)

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