Friday, November 17, 2006

I just started Krav Maga. It's an Israeli martial arts and it burns like 800 calories an hour! I totally love it. It's so much better than just going to the gym and doing the same old shit. The only problem is it costs money and i have no money. Seriously. I need to give something up. My acting lessons are $300 a month, but my teacher would be pissed at me if i asked for time off. And I can't quit guitar. That's just not an option. This sucks. Seriously. I hate money and lack of it.
But I for sure am gonna continue w/ Krav Maga. I leave each class feeling really good. And now i can protect myself and kick some ass when needed. But what should I give up? I reall do want to give the acting classes a break since they cost the most, but my teacher would make a huge deal and make me feel guilty. Hell, last night she made me cry because I had to cancel next week.
I'm way too sensitive.
Shit. That's why i get so sick all the time.
Need to seriously make money. If i had a better body, maybe i'd become a stripper. But I would not want to do that to anybody. That's just cruel.


Blogger trisha said...

Sounds hard-core.

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