Friday, November 03, 2006

So from nice t-shirt guy to jerky guy whom i like to call the Grinch. It's November. I love Christmas. Christmas is only about 52 days away. That's not a long time and excuse me for liking to celebrate it a bit early. He keeps saying "you shouldn't celebrate it until after thanksgiving" and "christmas sucks" and "you're already looking at christmas sites" and "let me guess, you've already made you're little christmas list and have gotten all your shopping done." He thinks it's funny, but it's really bothering me. It's making me feel bad just cuz I get excited about the holidays. It's the one time of the year when i'm sublimely happy. W/ all the shit going on around me and in my life, it gives me a reason to celebrate. Especially since i was practically suicidal three Christmases ago. It's the time of year i get to see my friends when they come home from wherever they're at and I get to see my whole family all at one time. And this may be the last christmas w/ my grandfather, who is my only living grandparent. I"m trying to make the most of it while I can. But this guy doesn't get it. And he says all this shit incredibly loud so everyone can hear and it's embarassing. He knows how shy I am and he should know that i'm pretty thin-skinned. Bastard.


Blogger trisha said...

Throw rocks at him! If Christmas makes you happy, I say celebrate it starting in June! Bah to him.

5:13 PM  
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